Dedicated to those pioneers who pinned thelr faith to the ultimate prosperity of Owyhee County, and expended their "bottom dollar" to achieve that result. "A people that take no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors will never achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants." — MACAULAY.

Owhyee Avalanche, L.A.York, Publisher, July 7 1899:

A - B  - Dave Adams & O F Brunzell
G  - M. M. Getchell & John Grete Sr
H  - Bazaar Hawes & Joseph Hutchinson
Mc  - "Little Mac" McDonald, Stephen McElmeel, John McMahon & John McVann
M  - Gilbert Mikkelson, Ezra Mills & John Mitchell
N - O  - John Noble Sr, Robert Noble & Harry Olsen
P  - Capt. Geo. W. Paul, Marthur Pence, Andrews J. Palmer, Geo. W. Palmer, John Portlock, Milton H. Presby & Oliver H. Purdy
R  - Abram Roberson, Stephen Roberson, J. W. Rowee
S  - Geo. Sampson, Frank Schuster, Chas. Share, Diadama Dryden Share, Wm. Frank Sommercamp, Lyman Stanford, Wm. S. Stevens, A. J. Stucker, Chris Studer
T  - John Thomas, Eldridge Thompson, Wm. Henry Townsend, Wm. Toy, John Turner, Emma Footman Turner
U-W  - John Upham, Lewis W. Walker, Thomas L. West