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Owyhee County Cemetery Lists and Transcriptions (off-site)

Deaths from "Owyhee Gleanings", by Wilma Lewis Statham (on-site)


BRUNEAU CEMETERY: in the City of Bruneau near Mt. Home. Inventory at

MARSING, HOMEDALE CEMETERY Marsing ID 83639 Phone (208) 896 4226

DELAMAR Cemetery is hard to find and can only be reached on foot. There is a small road on the north side of the "street" that is easily missed. Follow it up the mountain until coming to the cemetery. Thank you Suzie Danielsson

OREANA CEMETERY: From Hwy 78 East of Murphy, turn south on the Oreana Road. There is an odd looking old Roman Catholic Church just on the other side of the "town" of Oreana and the cemetery is not too far beyond the church on the right (east) side of the road. There doesn't appear to be a driveway there so it can easily be missed.

LITTLE VALLEY CEMETERY: Stone & Perjue Family Plots This family plot is on the property of David Lahtinen. (Sunset Ranch) It is located just off the right side of Highway 51, six miles south of the junction of Highway 51 and Highway 78 south of Bruneau. If you watch close it can be seen from the Highway. Ask before entering private property. Thank you C.A. Lucas

FIRST RUBY CEMETERY: Located back of town site of Ruby City Near Silver City

SECOND RUBY CEMETERY: Located back of town site of Ruby City Near Silver City

SILVER CITY's CHINA TOWN was located close to where the present campsite is. As far as I can find out, all of the Chinese have been dug up and bones shipped back to China. I don't believe there are any left in Silver. Will Hawes and John Grete, Jr. sent the last of them home. I hope this information helps. It really takes doggedness to find some of these old places! Thank you Susie Danielsson

FAIRVIEW CEMETERY: Burial ground near Oro Fino Mine on War Eagle Mtn Silver City Area. Fairview Cemetery has very few headstones left. From Silver City take the road that would take you back to Murphy. The first road that goes off to the right is the Fairview Rd. The cemetery is on the left hand side overlooking a spectacular view of the valley. It is posted Fairview Cemetery. Thank you Suzie Danielsson

KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS CEMETERY: A plot of ground below the New York Mill in Silver City Area

MASONIC & I.O.O.F. CEMETERY: On west side of Jordan Creek below the Elmore Mill, Silver City Area

PIONEER CEMETERY: Located near Slaughter House Gulch at Silver City.


SHOO-FLY VALLEY: I took some pictures of a small family cemetery located about 9 miles out of Grandview in Shoo-Fly Valley. To reach it, go .7 of a mile east of Grandview on Highway 78, turn right (south) on Mud Flat/ Juniper Mountain road, travel 8.8 miles and the cemetery is on the right side of the road, on a hillside, across the road from what is now known as the Rock House Ranch. Thank you C A Lucas

WAGONTOWN is several miles west of DeLamar town site. From Silver City or Delamar, head west until you come to a road that's kept up and goes to the south into an active mining company. Access is posted to keep out. Turn north, then and watch closely for a little road going to the right (east) and turn in there. The road divides and Wagontown site is reached by going to the right. The cemetery sits on a hilltop and is right along this road. Thank you Suzie Danielsson

WILSON CEMETERY: Wilson Cemetery is located about 3 miles north of the Idaho State Hwy 45/78 intersection just off State Highway 78. This intersection is near the Walters Ferry Bridge. About three miles north of the intersection, there's a road marked "Cemetery Road" or "Cemetery Lane", I forget which. You go up the Cemetery Road and over the cattle guard and keep to the right. You have to watch for the cemetery on the right. It's a small cemetery surrounded by a fence and marked Wilson Cemetery. Thank you Jim Walker

Others include: Dewey, Cow Creek, Jordon Valley, Owyhee River Area, Pleasant Valley, Reynolds Creek, Flint, South Mountain Area, Sucker or Succor Creek Area, Wagontown Area. Givens Hot Springs Area. Many plots were part of the family farms.

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