Owhyee Avalanche, L.A.York, Publisher, July 7 1899: G


This has been his home since July 1889, when he became clerk in the drug store and post office for his uncle, S.T.N. Smith, a pioneer of '65 and when the latter purchased the Idaho Hotel in '89. Mr. Getchell helped him in its conduct.

In 1892 he launched into ranching and sheep growing on Squaw Creek for a year,meanwhile serving as deputy recorder of Opaline mining district. Returned here, worked at milling awhile, then was selected to serve out R. Euler's term as postmaster, and this done was appointed postmaster, November 2 1894, by Cleveland, and despite the fact that he was an uncompromising Republican, which he still remains, and of the unalloyed undefiled type, was recommissioned by McKinley June 19 1897, and the public voice votes him pre-eminently the right man in the right place.

Twelve months ago he became a member of the firm of Shea, McLain & Getchell, proprietors of the Idaho Hotel, and is contributing much to its success.

Born at Baring, Maine, January 5, 1868 he received a common schooling there. Worked on a farm and in a sawmill till 1888, thence clerked and later was employed in a shoe factory in Northwood, New Hampshire, then came here. Married Miss Mary Elizabeth Hutchinson, of Silver city, November 18 1898, this estimable lady being his second wife, his first being Miss Idaho Maud Hays, deceased.

Mr. Getchell also owns the post office, store and news agency, where his stock of stationery, confections, cigars, tobaccos, etc is unusually complete; and in A.A. Getchell,his brother, he finds an able young assistant postmaster and manager of his store.


Hanover, Germany, is his birth land, April 25 1832, the date. A boy of 17 he came to America, locating first in New York City. Found his way to distant golden California in 1861. Leaving his family there, he in 1862 went prospecting in Oregon and became one of the discoverers of the celebrated placer diggings in Canyon City. In the fall of 1862 he was one of the pioneer prospectors to Boise Basin, Idaho, and from there came here. First pursued mining here, then in 1864 founded a bakery and conducted a lodging house, etc. until buying the War Eagle Hotel in 1878 from V. Blackinger, which popular hostelry he has since and still runs to the edification of the local and transient public.

In 1865 Miss Mary Kormann of New York became his wife and a helpmate she has proven indeed all these intervening years, a frontier woman indeed, worthy of her mate and whose undaunted spirit has smoothed the way for women folk who cameafter. Three boys and three girls have come to bless their home...August, Fred, and John: Mrs. Lou Brooks of Butte, MT., Mrs. Alfred Hicks and Mrs. Dr.J.N. Weston of Silver City, children well the pride of their parents. Mr. Grete is also prominent in the A.F.& A. M.and the I.O.O.F.

Jointly with his brother, Frederick Grete, Sr. he owns the San Juan Group of mines on War Eagle mountain, where they have a tunnel 700 feet long, and they are now running a tunnel which will be 500 feet deep, undermining all former work.