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Welcome to Owyhee County!

The county seat is Murphy.
other communities include Bruneau, Givens Hot Springs, Grand View, Grasmere, Homedale, Marsing, Murphy, Oreana, Reynolds, Riddle, Silver City, and the Duck Valley Indian Reservation.

Owyhee County Places

"Owyhee County was named for the river, mountains and mining area explored in 1919-1920 by Hawaiian fur trappers from the then Sandwich Islands. Hawaii and Owyhee are different spellings of the same word. It was the first county to be established by the first territorial legislature in 1863. Gold was discovered on Jordan Creek in 1863, and a rush began to the area. The rich Poorman Mine was discovered in 1865 and and millions of dollars of gold and silver were taken from Silver City region until the industry declined in the early 1900s. Irrigation systems were built along the Owyhee and Snake Rivers and other streams in the county. Forage was excellent, and cattle and sheep raising which begain in the late 1860's was, after mining declined, the most important industry in the county. Mining in Delamar was revived in the mid-1970's, but agriculture remained the chief industry." - "The Idaho Almanac," 1977 Edition, State of Idaho."

The first county seat was at Ruby City. In 1867 it was moved to Silver City and in 1934 to Murphy.

Pioneers of Castle Creek

"Pioneers of Castle Creek at Silver City", 1860s Silver City, Idaho, John Percell and others, 396"

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