History of Three Creek, Owyhee County, Idaho



History of Three Creek, Owyhee County, Idaho

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  • Three Creek Post Office
    Three Creek Post Office

Three Creek

Three Creek is a ranching area in southeastern Owyhee County, about 50 miles south of the Snake River. The first ranch was established in the 1870s by Joe Scott of Miles City, Montana, who named the area 71, which was also the brand Scott used to identify his cattle. The principal ranch in the Three Creek area in 1898 was the Sparks, Harrell Co. of Visalia, California.

The town of Three Creek is considered a ghost town today, although the remains of the stone general store still exist.

For census purposes, the Three Creek area was known as Big Flat precinct in the 1890 and 1900 censuses.3 Its name was changed to Three Creek precinct after the 1900 census was taken, although it bore the name of Three Creek when the 1898 directory of the county was published. Parts of the original Big Flat precinct were taken in 1900 to form parts of Riddle and Wickahoney precincts.

Population figures for the Big Flat precinct and Three Creek precinct in the U.S. federal censuses for the following years were as follows:

Big Flat Precinct

1890 - 63
1900 - 116

Three Creek Precinct

1910 - 191
1920 - 108
1930 - 83
1940 - 84
1950 - 63

City Directory, 1898

Directory of Residents and Businesses


C.E. Axe, laborer
Homer Axe, herder
H.D. Axe, stage driver
Neil Beaton, sheep
Joe Bowers, vaquero
A.H. Bracket, sheep
J.M. Bratten, sheep
Noah W. Caudle, cattle
James Chisholm, vaquero
G.G. Conover, horses
O.E. Cotton, herder
Aaron Crutchfield, cattle
J.E. Crutchfield, cattle
P.B. Davis, laborer
G.T. Duncan, cattle
S.C. Dunn, cattle
C.B. Faraday, Postoffice, store, etc.
Thomas Hewett, cattle
Thomas Higgins, herder
William Hodge, Jr., horses
William Hodge, Sr., horses
H.D. Lawson, cattle
Harry Lower, cattle
William McKenzie, herder
Grover Marlatt, cattle
Lee Maudlin, horses
George Moore, horses and cattle
Lyte Owens, cattle
George Patrick, cattle
John Pence, sheep
Champ Ramsey, sheep
Allen Reynolds, herder
Stephen Riffe, herder
Wesley Roberts, herder
Andrew Rogerson, sheep
Frank Ross, horses
John Rosvear, cattle
Shirley Smith, cattle
Harrell Sparks Co.. (Visalia, Cal.), cattle
J.M. Stansfield, cattle
Harry Stewart, cattle
J.D. Templeman, mason
W.B. Tellis, cattle
W.H. Walters, cattle

1900 U.S. Federal Census

Most of the residents of the Three Creek were enumerated in the Big Flat precinct for the 1900 census.

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