History of Guffey, Owyhee County, Idaho



History of Guffey, Owyhee County, Idaho

This history is quoted from A Historical, Descriptive and Commercial Directory of Owyhee County, Idaho and 1900 Census Reports.
  • Guffy Railroad Bridge
    Guffy Railroad Bridge


Guffey was created as the terminal point of the Boise, Nampa & Owyhee Railroad. A railroad bridge across the Snake River was completed in 1897. On May 27 of that year, the first building in Guffey was erected by Fred Brunzell. Several businesses were added in 1897 and 1898, mostly involved in the transfer of freight from the railroad to wagons and stages going on to the mining district around Silver City, and beyond.

In 1900, the Guffey precinct had a population of 126, according to the federal census of that year. Shortly after the taking of the census of that year, the name of the town was changed to Murphy, which later became the county seat.

City Directory, 1898

Directory of residents and businesses, 1898


Fred Anthony, teamster
F.R. Barry, teamster
John Bell, miner
G.A. Bergh, rancher
J.B. Bowie, with C.O. & I. Stage Co.

continues ...

John Bowman, teamster
Alvin Brunzell, livery stables
Fred Brunzell, saloon and ferry
L.S. Courtney, with Barry and Phillips
R.E. Davison, proprietor, Jerkwater placer mines
H.P. Eastman, miner
John B. French, with C.O. & I. Stage Co.
Ernst Fritag, laborer
James Gieday, teamster
A.L. Gowan (Gowan & Peed)
William Graham, teacher
J. Grimes (Grimes & Irby)
Mrs. Kate Hamburg, restaurant
George Hardie, miner
A.H. Hawkins, miner
George Irby (Grimes & Irby)
W.T. Kingsley, with F.B.M. & F. Co.
A.M. Lackey, with Barry & Phillips
Hugh B. Latham, manager Central Lumber Co.
J.C. Lindsey, Railroad, stage, and express agent, and postmaster
Andy Loftus, section foreman
John McGinty, railroad laborer
W. McMillan, miner
Ed Matheson, saloon
Daniel Pritchard, with G.A. Bergh
P. Querry, teamster
O.H. Peed (Gowan & Peed)
Thomas Ryan, railroad laborer
Ed Smith, miner
J.E. Smith, miner
R. Smith, miner
Leon Spangler, manager Falk Block M. & F. Co.
J.H. Stofiel, miner
A.J. Stucker, blacksmith
N.B. Waylett, teamster
L.O. Welch, miner
W.W. Wilson, laundry
George Yahrans, miner
Charles York, miner
Melville York, miner


Barry & Phillips, freight line
Boise, Nampa & Owyhee Railroad Co., J.C. Lindsay, agent
C. O. & I. Stage Co., J.C. Lindsey, agent
Central Lumber Co., Hugh B. Latham, agent
Falk Block Mercantile & Forwarding Co., Leon Spangler, manager
Gowan & Peed, blacksmiths
Grimes & Irby, livery stables
Pacific Express Co., J.C. Lindsey, agent

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