<em>Owyhee Avalanche</em>, 1865-1905 Name Index Only



Owyhee Avalanche, 1865-1905
Newspaper Articles - Name Index Only

This listing of names had been takend from the Owyhee Avalanche newspapers dated from 1865 to 1905. The newspapers are available at the Idaho State Archives at 2205 Old Penitentary Road, Boise, Idaho. Thanks to the former County Coordinator, Charlotte Slater for transcribing these names.

~ M ~

Mabie, A. S.
MacCrellish, Mr.
Mace, Joe
Mack, J. J.
Mack, William
Mackay, J. W.
Macnab, A. J.
Macom, E. E.
Madden, Harry
Maddick, Millie
Maddison, Ben
Maddison, W. W.
Maddock, Millie
Maguire, Frank
Maguire, John
Mahany, Mr.
Mahar, Frank
Maher, Annie
Maher, Esta
Maher, Mamie
Maher, Nick
Maher, William H .
Mahoney, Julia
Mahoney, Kate
Mahoney, Mary
Main, Alex
Maize, B. M.
Maize, Henry B.
Maize, Levi
Major Jim (indian)
Malate, Grover
Manandus, Joe
Mangin, Jack
Mangin, William
Mangold, Anton
Manley, J.
Mann, L B
Mann, S. B.
Manning, John
Marchbanks, Lillian
Marchbanks, R. J.
Markey, P.
Marqen, Joseph
Marsh, B
Marsh, C. J.
Marsh, Edward
Marsh, Wm
Marshall, Jim
Marshall, M. M.
Marshall, R. W.
Marshall, W.
Martin, Frank
Martin, Henry
Martin, J. H.
Martin, Thomas
Martin, Wheeler
Martincourt, John
Martindale, Mr.
Martz, Al W.
Maruny, J. W.
Mason, C. E.
Mason, Harry
Mason, T. F.
Massey, AL
Massey, Frank
Master, Ed
Masters, A. E.
Masters, Dick
Masters, J. E.
Masterson, F
Mathewson, Ben
Matli, Charles
Mattenson, J. B.
Matteson, Barney
Matthews, John
Mattingly, Sol S.
Mattison, Barney
Mattos, Joseph
Mattox, H. A.
Maupin, Mrs.
Maxey, Ed
May, Charles
May, Florence
Mayer, Charley
Mayer, Isidor
Mayers, E.H.
Mayfield, Wm
Mayland, Gunder
Mays, F.W. D.
Maysonholder, Andy
Maysonholder, J.A.
McAdare Dr.
McAfee, Miss
McAuley, Ernest H.
McAuliff, Dan
McAvin, Thomas
McBride, H
McBride, John C.
McBride, John R
McCabe, George
McCabe, John
McCabe, Pat
McCain, James
McCall, F. A.
McCandless, Mr
McCane, Thomas
McCarthy, Jere
McCarthy, Minnie
McCheffery, Mr.
McClarey, Ed
McCleery, Daniel
McCleery, Ed
McClintock, D.
McColley, H. H.
McColley, Joseph
McComas, E. S.
McComber, P.
McConnack, James
McConnell, Charles
McConnell, J. J.
McConville, Major
McCoole, Miss
McCormick, James.
McCormick, Niles
McCowan, Pat
McCoy, Basil
McCoy, Charles
McCoy, Frank
McCreary, Mr.
McCutchan, George
McDaniel, E. H.
McDaniel, W. R.
McDermot, John B.
McDonald, A.

McDonald, Alex D.
McDonald, Anna
McDonald, Catherine 
McDonald, Clara
McDonald, D. D.
McDonald, Emma
McDonald, Emma L.
McDonald, Frank
McDonald, Frederick
McDonald, Gordon
McDonald, Harry
McDonald, Henry
McDonald, James
McDonald, Johns
McDonald, Katie
McDonald, Lilly
McDonald, Mark L.
McDonald, Thomas
McDonnell, Donnell
McDonough, D. L.
McDonough, Lewis
McDonough, Myrtle
McDonough, Ruby
McDowell, Irwin
McDowell, L. G. B.
McElmeel, Steve
McEnter, Jennie
McEwan, Mr.
McFadden, James A.
McFadyen, Mrs.
McFarland, Dr.
McFarlane, A. H.
McFarlane, R. E.
McFee, Robert
McGarr,  John
McGarvey, Jack
McGee, Jack
McGee, John
McGinley, Bob
McGinley, Eva
McGlaskey, J. B.
McGonigle, John
McGough, Edward F.
McGovern, G.A.
McGrath, Katie
McGregor, Malcolm
McGuiness, Frank
McGuinness, John
McGuinness, Patrick H.
McGuinness, Wm.
McHenry, A.
McIntosh, D.
McIntosh, Harry 
McIntyre, C.
McIntyre, Jennie
McIntyre, Lon
McIntyre, Milt
McKaig, T. B.
McKane, T
McKay, Dan
McKean, Brothers
McKean, J.
McKelvey, Frank
McKenzie Mattie
McKenzie, Jack
McKenzie, Robert L.
McKinna, M.
McKinney, D.
McKinnon, C. B.
McKnight, Mr.
McLacy, Colonel
McLafferty, Jim
McLain, Dell
McLain, S. D.
McLaine, S. D.
McLaughlin, Joe
McLaughlin, Shorty
McLaughlin, T.
McLean, L.
McLean, M.
McLeavey, J.
McLeod, C. N.
McLeod, Kenneth H.
McLeod, Rod
McLeoud, K. H.
McMahon, Agnes 
McMahon, Alice
McMahon, Andrew
McMahon, Bridget
McMahon, Celia
McMahon, Frank
McMahon, J. T.
McMahon, James 
McMahon, Jim
McMahon, John
McMahon, Lizzie
McMahon, Mary
McMahon, Owen
McMahon, Patrick
McMann, A.
McManus, Hugh
McMillan, A. M.
McMillan, H. G.
McMillan, J. S.
McMillan, R.
McMullin, Sam
McNabb, James
McNally, John
McNamara, John
McNamara, Thomas
McNeal, Stephen
McPherson, J. H.
McPheters, William
McQuaid, J.M
McQuatt, James
McQueen, William
McRae, James
McSweeney, J. B.
McVann, John
McWade, Albert
McWilliams, Mr.
Meacham Station
Meddlecott, H.
Medlin, Peter
Medticot, H.
Meed, B.
Meeds, D. G.
Meehan, Father
Meffert, Cris
Mehan, Larry
Mellan, James
Mellon, A. W.
Mennear, John
Merrill, George
Merrill, J. P.

Mesick, Estate
Mesplie, Father
Metcalf, Annie
Metcalf, Cassie
Meyer, A. Leonard
Meyer, Elsie
Meyer, Georgia
Meyer, J. S.
Meyer, Mary
Meyers, Al
Middlemiss, Joseph
Middleton, A. W.
Mikkelson, Gilbert
Mikkelson, L. P.
Mikkelson, Wm
Miklaszewski, Rev
Mikleson, Wm.
Milan, Joseph
Mildred, Flora May
Miles, C. W.
Miles, John
Miles, M.
Miles, R. S.
Millan, Pete
Millard, H. W.
Millard, N. H.
Millard, R. H.
Miller, Adam
Miller, Al
Miller, August F.
Miller, Charles
Miller, D. B.
Miller, D. F.
Miller, E. F.
Miller, F.
Miller, George
Miller, James W.
Miller, John R.
Miller, Joseph
Miller, R. T.
Miller, Tannas
Miller, William
Mills, Alonzo
Mills, Benjamin
Mills, Catherine
Mills, Dorothy
Mills, Ezra
Mills, Grace
Mills, Ida
Mills, James
Mills, Mary
Mills, Rose
Mills, Timothy
Milne, James
Mims, James
Minear, Annie
Minear, John W.
Minear, Mabel
Miner, A. J.
Miner, Charles
Miner, Everett A.
Miner, Loma
Miner, P. A.
Miner, Ross
Minera, J. W.
Mingo, S. A.
Minor, Winnie
Mitchell, Alice
Mitchell, Ed
Mitchell, Gladys
Mitchell, John
Mitchell, William
Mix, Alf
Moalyert, C.
Mobley, Robert
Moe, Bridgette
Moe, Charlotte
Moe, Ida
Moe, Josephine
Moe, Lottie
Moe, Severin
Mohr, Mrs.
Monahan, Joe
Monroe, C. A.
Monroe, Dan
Monroe, Hugh
Monroe, James
Monroe, Jim
Monroe, John
Montheith, Indian Agent
Moo See
Moo, Ah
Moody, Silas W
Moody, William
Moon, M.
Moon, P. M.
Moon, R. H.
Moore, Alice
Moore, Asa
Moore, C. L.
Moore, C. W.
Moore, E. H.
Moore, G. W.
Moore, J. Marian
Moore, John
Moore, Laura A.
Moore, Raymond
Mootry, Thomas
Morcom, E.
More, Marion
Morford, Russel B.
Morgan, J. N.
Morgan, Mary
Morkill, Dalby
Morris, B. F.
Morris, W. B.
Morrison, Frank
Morrison, Fred W.
Morrison, John T.
Morrison, Robert
Morrison, Simon
Morrison, Will
Morrow, A.
Morrow, Emmett
Morrow, James
Morrow, Posy
Morrow, Robert E
Morrow, Rose
Morrow, Sarah
Morse, Mrs.
Morton, Cal 
Morton, Richard B.
Mosby, W. E.
Mose, A. B.
Moss, Ed
Moss, Emma

Motley, Charles N.
Motley, George
Mott, Moses
Motton, Charley
Moulder, W. P.
Mountchessington, Mrs.
Mowbray, John
Muhleisen, Engineer
Muldoon, Mr.
Mulkey, Thomas B.
Mullally, Willia
Mullen, Joseph
Muller, Maud
Mullet, J. J.
Mulverhill, Steve
Munday, Perry
Mundon, Z.
Munger, D. D.
Munger, R.
Munson, L. B.
Murdoff, W.
Murillo, Jack
Murphy, C. B.
Murphy, Con
Murphy, Dan
Murphy, Eli
Murphy, Helena
Murphy, Pat
Murphy, Ruel
Murray, A. F.
Murray, Ida Jane
Murray, James
Murray, Jim
Murray, Joe
Murray, Katie
Murray, P. W.
Murry, J.
Musgrove, Mark
Mussell, Jacob
Myers, Albert
Myers, Frank
Myers, George
Myers, John T.
Myers, Tom
Mylan, Joe
Myrick, Capt Joseph

~ N ~

Nafie, Robert
Nail, Henry
Nance, J. S.
Napier, Mr.
Nash, Duncan 
Nattini, Reverend
Nealy, H.
Neeko, W. W.
Neff, Joseph
Neilson, Carl
Nelson, Annie
Nelson, August
Nelson, Carl
Nelson, Christine
Nelson, George N.
Nelson, John
Nelson, Rudolph
Nelson, S.J.
Nesby, Mr.
Nette, Thilo
Nettle, J.
Nettleton, V. F.
Nevison, Johnny
Newcomb, Guy
Newcomer, Sol
Newell, Joe
Newhouse, B. L.
Newhouse, Fred
Newkirk, J.
Newland, Harry
Newman, Helen
Newsom, G. W.
Newsom, James W.
Newton, George P.
Nichol, William
Nicholas, A. J.
Nicholas, Thomas
Nicholls, Albert E
Nicholls, Ed
Nichols, A. F.
Nichols, Chester
Nichols, Frank
Nichols, Harry
Nichols, Hazel
Nichols, I.
Nichols, William
Nicholson, A.
Nicholson, Peter
Nicholson, Sam
Nidever, George
Nidever, Mark
Nienmier, B. K.
Nies, Mr.
Nieuchwanger, Dr
Niirem, Mr,
Nilsson, August
Nilsson, Carl
Nilsson, Peter
Ninemires, Ben
Ninnis, Charlie
Nixon, Mr
Noble, John
Noble, Lavina
Noble, Nellie
Noble, Robert
Noble, S.
Noel, Richard
Nolan, James C.
Nonan, Mr.
Norcross, Leonard
Nordhoff, Charles
Nordyke, B. J.
Norris, Mr.
Northup, Rube
Norton, Ada
Norton, Ben
Norton, Bob
Norton, Elliot
Norton, Fred
Norton, Robert
Norton, S.
Noyce, Bill
Nugent, Aggie
Nugent, Ainslee
Nugent, Edward
Nugent, Gip
Nugent, John C
Nugent, John F.
Nugent, Marion
Nusbaum, Victor
Nyblom, Erik
Nye, A. W.

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